Same-Day Alternator Rebuilds for Automotive & Industrial Units in South Louisiana

Our alternators are not from an online kit. When we rebuild your vehicle or machinery’s alternator, we make it last.  Our rebuilt alternators are custom and remanufactured to work like new. Most importantly, we rebuild your alternator in a matter of hours. Save money on a new alternator and get yours remanufactured faster than the speed of light with Davilco Electric.

Custom Alternator Rebuild to Make it Work Like New

Our custom rebuilt units are never temporary fixes. We completely disassemble the alternator to clean all housings and windings. Every piece is evaluated for cracks and deformities. We then replace the electronics and wear components as well as turn the rotors on our shop’s lathe. Our technicians only use the highest quality parts to remanufacture your alternator, and we recycle the old parts so nothing goes to waste. In the end, your alternator will work at the standard of a brand-new unit. 

Exceptionally Fast Delivery Time

Our quick turnaround time for a custom rebuilt alternator provides our customers with additional convenience. We can remanufacture a unit within only a few short hours and have it out for delivery in no time. Online shipping cannot compete with our speedy delivery times. Whenever you need an alternator, day or night, Davilco Electric can deliver.

1-Year Warranty on All Remanufactured Alternators

At Davilco Electric, we always provide our customers with honest, reliable work. With over 50 years in the business, we have never had a return on any of our alternators. Our technicians offer the service and close attention-to-detail that chain stores can’t match. For a rebuilt alternator that delivers the best results, call Davilco Electric today!

Remanufactured Alternators

One specialty service that we provide is remanufacturing alternators. Remanufactured units are as close to new as possible for only a fraction of the price. Going beyond only replacing worn or damaged components, we completely dissemble and reassemble it with whole new parts.
Although we offer alternator repairs, we generally recommend a remanufactured unit from our shop to ensure your engine’s electrical system is made for long-lasting functionality.