Give More Power to Your Vehicle with a
High Output Alternator

Power your custom-built or modified truck with a high output alternator. Custom-built vehicles or vehicles with additional accessories that require more power need a higher level of amps to ensure the best performance. From utility vehicles to racing cars, our high output alternators provide exceptional electrical power and seamless operation. With a 1-year warranty, we are confident that you will enjoy the way your vehicle performs with a new unit.

Who Needs a High Output Alternator?

The alternator is the powerhouse of your electrical system. Amperage is the amount of electrical current your alternator can supply. The more amperage your alternator has, the more electrical power it can supply your vehicle or your driver. Not every vehicle needs a high output alternator, but those that do can highly benefit from it. Vehicles with additional exterior lighting, an upgraded audio system, or needs faster speeds can greatly benefit from replacing their current alternator for one with higher amp capabilities.

Benefits of a High Output Alternator

A high output alternator will increase the amperage capabilities and provide consistent voltage for additional benefits, including:


Fast and Reliable Installation

Have your high output alternator installed right with the experts at Davilco Electric. We take great priority in making sure that your new alternator works seamlessly with your vehicle and electrical system. From inspecting the battery to adjusting the V-belts, our technicians are confident that we can replace your current alternator system with a high output one so you get the performance you’re looking for from your vehicle. 

Get Your High Output Alternator at Davilco Electric

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and reliability. In over 50 years in the business, we have never had a return on our high output alternators.
For the best alternator service in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas, contact Davilco Electric today!