We Offer a Full Array of Starter & Alternator Services for Automotive and Industrial Assemblies

Our skilled technicians get your vehicle’s or industrial equipment’s electric motor  back into operation in as little as a few hours. We specialize in servicing heavy-duty industrial electric motors and rotating electrical units for automotive, industrial, marine, agriculture, and construction machinery.

Same or Next Day Shipping

Our inventory is stocked and ready for any same-day delivery or overnight shipping to ensure you receive your unit right away. Whether you are needing a remanufactured alternator or a new piece for your electric motor, we aim to deliver as soon as possible.

Alternator Services


Alternator Repair

The alternator keeps the battery charged and electrical system powered. When there’s a problem, we carefully inspect the engine’s alternator and repair any faulty components or parts to restore its electrical power.

Alternator Rebuild

We disassemble the entire unit and reassemble it back together with high-quality parts to make your custom rebuild to work like brand-new. The old components are then recycled so that the metals do not go to waste. We always test our work to make sure the alternator generates the desired current and voltage.

Alternator Remanufacture

Our remanufactured units are as close to new as possible. We use the highest quality parts to remanufacture your alternator to its original manufacturer standards of operation. Our remanufactured units provide you lasting reliability for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new alternator.

High Output Alternators

High output alternators give your vehicle the extra power it needs to deliver exceptional power . Upgrade your current electrical system with a new output alternator for more power and lasting performance. Ideal for performance vehicles.

Starter Services

Starter Repair

Your starter is what gets your vehicle running. When it doesn’t crank, you may need to get your starter repaired. Our technicians look for any faulty components or worn parts to determine the best solution possible for your starter.

Starter Rebuild

A custom starter rebuild from Davilco Electric ensures longer, more reliable engine-starting capabilities at the highest level of performance. We use the specifications for your machine to ensure your starter motor is remanufactured to operate smoothly.

Starter Remanufacture

All of our parts are tested to ensure your remanufactured starter motor performs more reliably and at maximum performance. We remanufacture your starter motor to meet or exceed its original equipment specifications.


Generator Services

Automotive Generator Repair

Classic cars and antique vehicles were built with generators to power the vehicle’s electrical system. If you are restoring or repairing a vehicle with a generator, let our technicians repair or remanufacture the unit with new components to work like new again.


Battery Services

Free Battery Check

The battery provides the electricity needed to start the engine. A faulty battery can be the culprit of several electrical problems you may encounter. That is why we always perform a complimentary battery check and inspection so that you never have to pay for more than you need.

Battery Replacement

When your battery fails, you need to have a new one installed right away. Our experienced technicians determine the which battery your electric motor needs to ensure your machine is ready for  smooth operation again. We will also recycle the old battery to ensure no reusable components go to waste.

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