Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Electric Motor Repairs

Read through frequently asked questions regarding our electric motor and industrial repair service. For additional questions, feel free to call our shop at any time.

A comprehensive test includes disassembly of the unit to make sure that parts are faulty. We do this to determine if the issue is a small problem or something that will cause the unit to fail completely within a week. Often times a unit will run fine on the bench, but after disassembly we’ll find the true root of problem, saving our customers from any future complications.

Repair work on a starter or alternator is often considered “patch work.” There is no breakdown of the unit, and the technician only fixes what is wrong and return back to the customer, hence the term R&R for Repair and Return. This is done for time purposes or expense limitations. We do offer this but it is not suggested as no warranty can be given. Most of our work is rebuilding (the technical term is “remanufacturing”) these rotating electrical units by completely disassembling the unit and reassembling it using all new pieces. This not only ensures better durability but it is more cost-effective than buying a brand-new unit.

We remanufacture alternators, starters, and other DC motors right in our shop. All high-output units must be purchased new, however. It is rare that we are able to rebuild an alternator to become a high-output one as every part would have to be replaced.

Any remanufactured unit should last as long as the original unit as long if there is proper maintenance.

We carry a handful of brands but service a lot more. Some of our popular brands include Ametek, Bosch, Valeo, Motorola, Mitsubishi, Iskra, Delco Remy, Prestolite, Denso, Hi Torque, Ingersoll Rand, C.E. Niehoff & Co., Leece Neville, Penntex, Mahle, Magneti Marelli, Lucas, and Hitachi. If your brand isn’t listed or you’re unsure of the brand, give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

Ashley Boudreaux
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My MINI Cooper wouldn't start, so I called Jack and he was able to diagnose the problem right over the phone and said it was a dead battery. He brought the replacement battery to my car and switched it out in less than a few minutes. I have never met someone more knowledgeable about cars or electronics in my life!! If you want fast, reliable service from an honest technician, call Davilco.
Jessica Smith
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Getting my starter replaced at Davilco was the best car repair experience I’ve ever had. The owner, Jack, is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled. When my starter gave out, he helped me get back on the road the very next day, so I was able to drive out of state to see my family for the holidays. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Laura Smith
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Best automotive service experience I've ever had. I would recommend this place to anyone.
Mardrace Williams
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Love the compavny. Guy changed my wiring harness on my 82 Cadillac years ago. I have a another project I'm taking to him today.
John Chenevert
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Extremely knowledgeable and helpful I'll be going back any time I have electrical needs. Great Company
John Chenevert
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This is a guy that knows his craft, friendly and very helpful I will always recommend him....
Dan Lott
Local Guide
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Highly knowledgeable staff provides top notch support & does great unparalleled work. Add in great pricing on custom jobs , and you've got a place impossible to beat.
Gary Smith
Local Guide
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These people know their auto electronics. One Love
sherelle miles
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Great quality work!

Our repair process or “turnaround time” for a rebuilt/remanufactured unit is usually two hours. Same-day repairs happen often, but most people drop off their unit and pick it up the next day. In the event of an an emergency, a quick response time is necessary and we will get the unit to you as fast as the speed of light. This may include either overnight delivery or we drive to you.

Ready 24/7, our technicians come to you after hours through any weather condition to help service your electrical system. With a speedy turnaround time, we are able to deliver a remanufactured alternator or repair a backup generator right away. Emergency services will include an additional fee, but we always deliver on our promises.

We guarantee remanufactured and new units for one year. The warranty covers all parts for manufacturing defects but NOT ABUSE. Barbequed, fried, or burnt units are not covered.

Yes, we believe in reusing the materials that we can so that nothing goes to waste in the landfill. This is for environmental and practical reasons. Starters and alternators units and components in particular are made with valuable materials – especially copper – that can be scrapped and reused again. So by recycling the metal scrap, we can reduce the amount of valuable resources that go to waste while keeping costs low on new components and remanufactured units. 

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