Is It a Bad Alternator? See the Signs to Watch Out for and How to Test It

The alternator is the main source of electrical power for your vehicle or industrial machinery. Often times a bad alternator is misdiagnosed for a different issue, which will end up costing you more in both time and money. At Davilco Electric, we only want you to pay for what you need. By understanding the signs of a bad alternator, you can have a better grasp on the situation happening with your automotive or industrial electrical system.

Have You Been Experiencing Any of the Following Problems?

Alternators can either go out suddenly or slowly over time. When it does go out, however, it’s never at a convenient time. The following may be symptoms of another vehicle or machinery problem, but could also indicate a bad alternator. Problems include:

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, have a professional at Davilco Electric inspect both the starter and electrical system right away. A bad alternator can only run for a short amount of time before the vehicle stops working altogether, leaving you stranded.

Distinguishing Between a Bad Battery and Bad Alternator

Although a faulty alternator can cause the battery to drain out, a battery can cause you problems on its own. The easiest way to inspect both on your own is to jumpstart the vehicle. If the engine starts to run like normal, the cause is a bad battery that needs to be replaced soon. If the engine dies after the jumpstart, there’s a high chance that the problem lies with the alternator.

Because batteries and alternators go hand in hand, it is important to inspect both when you are having vehicle trouble. Whether you are inspecting the battery yourself or you hire a technician do it, always be sure to inspect the battery and its wires.

Get a Free Battery Check and Comprehensive Test at Davilco Electric

We want to make sure your vehicle or electrical machinery is running as it should. With same-day service and 100 percent customer satisfaction for over 50 years, we are confident in our abilities to repair your alternator or replace your battery with little to no downtime.
For a free battery test, alternation inspection, and quote, give the technicians at Davilco Electric a call today.