Automotive Generator Services in Baton Rouge for Classic & Antique Vehicles

Before there were starters and alternators, generators were used to power a vehicle’s electrical system. Cars, trucks, and other machinery built before 1964 had generators to power headlights, taillights, dashboard lights, and the radio. Once car manufacturers began to add more electrical accessories, the generator was replaced with alternators.

If you are restoring a classic car or experiencing electrical problems in a vehicle with a generator, let the technicians at Davilco Electric help get your vehicle back into working order. Our automotive generator repair services are fast and accurate, so your vehicle will be ready to drive with little to no downtime.

Automotive Generator Repairs

Our technicians test the unit closely to identify the failing components within the generator. From there, we replace those components with new parts and then test the repaired unit for output standards. We replace the old parts with quality parts and recycle the worn components so that not piece of metal goes to waste.

Remanufactured Generators

Our technicians can take the current generator in your classic car and restore it to work like new. We start by testing the generator closely and evaluating each component. We then completely disassemble the unit to clean and inspect every component. Unlike our repair process, when we completely disassemble the generator, we reassemble it with whole new parts so that it works and lasts at the manufacturer standards.

Have Your Automotive Generator Working Like New Again with Davilco Electric

We service generators for classic and antique vehicles in Baton Rouge and throughout the south Louisiana area. If you are restoring your classic vehicle, let Davilco help power your vehicle for long-lasting reliably and functionality.